AXtension® Visual Planning

for Production


Real-time insight for effective production planning


AXtension® Visual Planning for Production is a powerful Microsoft Dynamics AX and Microsoft Dynamics 365 add-on that helps Project Managers accurately manage more projects in less time and allows for maximized use of available resources. The result is more accurate project delivering, measureable results in a timely, cost-effective manner.



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Why AXtension®
Visual Planning

Do you want to streamline your operations so that you can manage more projects with fewer resources? Do you need a solution that gives you real-time insight? AXtension® Visual Planning for Production provides a complete manufacturing overview of both your project activities and also the status of the individual tasks, operations or jobs. Project production orders can be attached to project activities and shown in the same Gantt chart to highlight the production schedules of the required deliverables. This total overview gives the planner full control to ensure the requirements will be available on time and/or act on delays.

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What is AXtension® Visual Planning for Production?

AXtension® Visual Planning for Production is an integrated enhancement to the Microsoft Dynamics Production module that allows you to plan and oversee both your production orders and batch orders in one overview. The ability to also plan and schedule resources, while retaining insight into their capacities means that the planner uses a single, visual Gantt chart overview that is fully integrated with supporting information. The production manager receives visual alerts of non-conformities in the planning and the project manager receives insight into production progress.


5 reasons to use this AXtension

AXtension® Visual Planning for Production allows you to manage your complete task and resource planning overview efficiently and effectively:


  • Instantly schedule, plan and oversee the manufacturing and production of your project activities via a single graphical scheduling board.
  • Align your production and project schedule with their accompanying manufacturing resources.
  • Change the planning horizon to accommodate either rough cut or detailed capacity planning.
  • Use visual signals to optimize manufacturing possibilities.
  • Analyze master schedule to make strategic business decisions.


AXtension reference Performance Contractors
Performance Contractors has extended a multitude of construction, turnaround and maintenance services to the chemical, petrochemical, pulp and paper, fertilizer, refinery, power, automotive and steel industries. 
AXtension reference Chemring Defence
Chemring Defence is a World Leader for the Manufacture of Proven Pyrotechnic and Demolition Store Products
AXtension reference Sapa
Sapa is the world leader in aluminium solutions – a new company that joined the aluminium extrusion businesses of Sapa and Hydro. 

AXtension® Visual Planning for Production is a powerful Microsoft Dynamics AX and Microsoft Dynamics 365 add-on that helps Project Managers manage more projects in less time.

Microsoft Dynamics AX 

Why AXtension is a key differentiator

The release of Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 introduced a major improvement in project processes. These functionalities where mainly focused on the service industry and public services areas, but they also have great potential for other types of projects like plant maintenance, R&D and Engineer to Order. The scheduling tools provide a great registration system, but the scheduling itself can still be complex and hard to manage. To enhance the scheduling side, Microsoft introduced the integration with the Microsoft Office Project client. Even though this integration is useful for importing a project into AX, managing a project demands a tighter integration with your ERP system.


Points of interest:


  • Hard to schedule one or more projects.
  • No scheduling possibilities on Hour forecast level.
  • No possibility to schedule on resources and resource groups.
  • One type of activity supported, no recurring or milestone activities.
  • Worker assignment hard to manage.

Visual Planning

Elevating the standard attachment functionality 

AXtension® Visual Planning for Production not only introduces a graphical scheduling board for tasks and resources, but many planning enhancements have also been made. A planner who previously wasn’t even considering working with Microsoft Dynamics for planning purposes, will now notice that this great planning engine, provided together with a perfect integration to the ERP system, offers many efficiency advantages and is fun to work with.


We do not believe in fully automating the planning processes, but we do believe in giving the planner all of the controls necessary to make clever and effective decisions. Visual signals will inform them about interruptions and delays within the project that can then be managed proactively.




Top five USPs:


  • Great single and multi-project overview of scheduled activities, workers and resources.
  • No need to split activities, but you can now create subtasks for hour forecasts.
  • Baseline functionalities for project tracking and tracing.
  • Enhanced activity relations with delays and optimized templates.
  • Fully integrated material planning, Production-, Sales- and Purchase orders, and item requirements.

Functions and features

Task planning offers the possibility to schedule all activities from the Work Breakdown Structure (WBS). All estimated cost and revenue lines with the type “hour” can be used to create subtasks. Within the planning, manual activities and subtasks can be created which are, of course, stored in the WBS and on the cost and revenue lines. Tasks can be scheduled in time and attached to one another with a start>start, finish>finish or start>finish relationship. These relationships can contain a delay specified in minutes, hours, days and weeks. This delay between the two activities ensures that during rescheduling the delay equals the minimum time between the activities.

A planning schedule can be stored as a baseline at any desired moment in time. This will create a great history, showing what has been changed, when and by whom. The baseline will be displayed as a transparent “ghost project” on top of your current planning and will indicate all changes.

The resource planning functionality lets you easily assign workers and resources to activities and subtasks. This assigning of resources is supported by the multiple drag & drop function, allowing you to assign one worker to a certain type of activity on one or more projects in one operation. When a worker is assigned the capacity receives a soft reservation via the standard worker scheduling. When the activity is reserved the soft reservation becomes a hard reservation, making sure that this worker can no longer be scheduled within this timeframe. When a Resource or Resource group is assigned the reservation makes sure that the resource is no longer available for any other activities or for production planning.

The histogram can be displayed in the Resource Planning screen to show the capacity assignment. Based on the Gantt colors, which can be defined via the “table>group>all” principle on projects and categories, the planner receives perfect insight on the types of activities to which a worker or resource is scheduled.

These are just some of the functions we offer that are essential to a planner working with Microsoft Dynamics.

Focus industries & processes

AXtension® Visual Planning for Production can be used in many industries, although its main focus is within the Manufacturing and Professional & Public Services arenas. It can be used to manage large projects for project driven businesses with large numbers of workers, such as those found in the professional services area, but also for R&D, Engineer to Order and Maintenance projects found in the Manufacturing industry.


Solution examples

  • A Large global consulting organization can have projects with ever changing resource assignments. They must be able to easily reassign resources and see the impact of these changes. With AXtension® Visual Planning for Production they can manage these project within Microsoft Dynamics, reducing the time spent on resolving issues and spending more time optimizing and supporting customer demands.


  • A Manufacturing environment delivers to the automotive industry as a first, second and third tier supplier. The industry requires them to work according to the APQP product development approach. AXtension® Visual Planning for Production allows them to create an APQP project planning that contains all of the required stages. During prototyping, manufacturing resources can be reserved to create a production order without an engineered product. The integrated resource planning from a project perspective will reduce production interruptions.